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Another Interesting Plane Maker's Stamp

John Caraffi has provided some photos of a moulding plane acquired recently that has been puzzling him.
IMG 20170614 181147637 1 1024x576
It has a small H zb stamp slightly askew in the usual, maker's position, but a far more impressive one below. This is an inverted heart with a star and RC within. 
IMG 20170614 180527383 1 576x1024It's an un numbered round about a no 10 say, and is 9 3/4 inches long .
It has a nice Robert Moore iron,
IMG 20170614 181126185 1024x576
very round chamfers, a fair drop on the shoulders with no gouge cut in Phillipson style.
IMG 20170614 180604748 576x1024
There is a fairly fat rounded wedge.
IMG 20170614 180925640 1024x576
John wonders if anyone has seen the heart stamp before or the H. He is  sure it is all original and hasn't been shortened.
IMG 20170614 181229716 1024x576
IMG 20170614 181424308 576x1024

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