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Traditional Tools Group of Australia

The Traditional Tools Group inc. of Australia have gone to a digital format for overseas members and have given us permission to re-publish it on our website so our members can access it.

The December issue (#150) can be found here

Brian Read will continue to abstract it for the TATHS Newsletter for the benefit of our members who do not use the net.

National Heritage Ironwork Group

Another kindred organisation which has sent us its newsletter. The NHIG is offering a number of specialist courses, seminars and conferences for those interested in traditional ironworking techniques.  Have a look at the newsletter for further details.

NHIG Newsletter August 2016  

NHIG Newsletter January 2017

The Hand Tool Preservation Society Of Western Australia

We have links with several  overseas organisations devoted to tools and their preservation. One our our most active links is with the The Hand Tool Preservation Society Of Western Australia and we have a regular dialogue with Arthur Cunniffe, the current editor.