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A Decorated Stone Weight

Dru Muskovin writes from Crab Tree Farm in Lake Bluff, Illinois, U.S.A to ask for our help.

image1He has a large collection of British pieces ranging in date from 1540 -1840 and is working on a publication authored by Angela McShane V&A/RCA presently entitled Marking Time: Dated Objects in Early Modern Britain 1500-1800. In this book he will be depicting a selection of British objects (furniture, metalware, ceramics, glass, textiles, artwork, etc.) with inscribed dates between 1500 and 1800.

Dru has a few pieces that we have not properly identified, and his  biggest puzzle to date is this stone piece dated 1604. It is 41.2 cm x 15.5 cm x 7.5 cm and weighs 8 kilo.

If anyone has any thoughts on the piece, Dru would appreciate hearing from them. Of course, a door stop has been suggested.

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