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An Equine tool?

Paula Drummond inherited this tool from her grandmother. She is wondering if it was for a specific use, perhaps linked to equine care, since her grandmother owned a horse.

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The tool is made in Germany. The mark on the head looks like DOM (possibly DGM) and underneath that it looks like WR, then underneath that a number, the first part illegible but then a dash and 87.

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IMG 1110 1024x768IMG 1111 1024x768


Has anyone seen one of these before?

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#1 AndyT 2018-09-14 14:25
I think it's what's commonly listed in old catalogues as a Grocer's Hammer. There were lots of ingenious variations on a theme for these, but the idea was to have one robust tool which could be used for opening and re-closing the wooden crates which were so widespread before the introduction of the cardboard box.
This one combines a hatchet, with a notch for pulling at nails, a hammer and a screwdriver.

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