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A brass-wheeled hand tool

Paul Sillitoe would be grateful for  help to  identify this  object which is some form of hand tool.

PJS 1174 1 1 1024x576

The object principally comprises a brass ?printing / ?measuring wheel, attached to a hardwood handle. There are also two attached hinged brass fittings, which seem to have parts missing. They drop onto the outer rim of the wheel.

PJS 1174 2 1024x576

The object is 12 ½ inches in length overall. The wheel is 3 inches in diameter. One face of the wheel has markings, in an inner and outer set. The outer set is marked “In” [and] “Out”; both words accompanied by an arrow. The inner set comprises two sets of numerical markings: “13” and “14”; and “11”, “10 ½”, “12”.

PJS 1174 3 1024x576

The outer rim of the wheel is fitted almost all round with a series of small clips, into each of which something appears to have been fitted. They are all stained with dark matter, possibly ink. From this, Paul infers that the tool might have been associated with printing, perhaps used to run a line of printed markings onto textiles. The clips would allow the pattern to be changed.

PJS 1174 4 1024x576

Overall, the item is weighty and very well made. There are no maker’s marks. It clearly had some sort of serious purpose, and it should be instantly recognisable to someone who knows about it. Paul would be very grateful for any thoughts, or pointers towards possibly relevant information sources.

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