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Why doesn't my tool chest take standard length planes?

Ted Coles has a query about his old tool chest.

Ted Coles tool chest 1

Ted  was under the illusion that it was made by and for the use of a Joiner/Cabinetmaker, but now he is not so sure because his small collection of moulding planes will not stand upright in the bottom of it. The space between the bottom of the chest and the bottom of the lower till drawer is only 8 and a quarter inches, which is not enough to fit a moulding plane of 9 and a half inches. As you can see in this first picture , there isn't sufficient space for a moulding plane to stand upright in the bottom of the chest [the tills on the right have been removed for the sake of taking this pic] and this is rather puzzling.
Ted Coles tool chest 2
The chest is a very large one and it weighs about 160lbs without tools. Measurements are 23 and a half inches [front to back] ... 37 and a half inches [long] ... 23 and a half inches [high]. Construction of tills and carcass appears to be of walnut throughout. 
Ted would be grateful for any thoughts. 
Following the correspondence in the comments section,Ted has provided some more photos of the chest.  There is also a photo of an English mallet which is contemporary with the Studley Chest. 
DSCN0613 1024x768
DSCN0753 1024x768
DSCN0775 1024x768
s l1600 20 767x1024

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