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Some scales from Gunton Hall Water Mill


Following a recent visit  to the hard working volunteers at Gunton Hall Water Saw Mill, Mike  Swann  is trying to identify some  brass bars he has acquired.


Scale Rules5 1024x354

These are 10 brass bars plated with probably nickel plating and all have individual scales precision engraved on both sides. They are approx 500mm x 25mm X 3mm, both sides have different markings and the scales(Bars)are numbered. The scaling does not match any of the ranges metric or imperial that we know of and some are non linear.

Some have 'zero' part way along the scale (but not central). There is a lot of wear and tear on some more than others - so they were well used! They had a use in some industry, possibly in the Cambridge UK area - but which still remains a mystery.

Mike has attached pictures of some of these.

Scale Rules4 1024x768

Scale Rules3 1024x634Scale Rules2 1024x614Scale Rules1 1024x265


If anyone has an idea what these were used for Mike would be very grateful any information.


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