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Possible Chippendale Plane?

Robert Street  wonders whether this is a  plane once used in the Chippendale workshop?

The photographs show a plane which I believe was once used in the Chippendale workshop. 
As I said in my original letter to the society, I believe the plane to be genuine but I do not have any documentation indicating provenance. I daresay the sincere and elderly cabinet maker who gave it to me when I was but a 10-year old boy, would not really have been aware of, or interested in, such documentation, living in a universe based more on trust than nowadays, when one's word was one's bond. The cabinet maker in question was a kindly gentleman who simply smiled on a boy who showed intense interest in his craft and was certainly not a bragging 'politician' boasting that he had  a direct line to one of the world's greatest cabinet makers.
The blade was made by Philip Law whose dates coincide more with Chippendale's son although it might well have been a replacement for what has clearly been a favourite tool meaning that Chippendale senior might well have seen, if not handled, this exquisite plane. 

The plane is made of beech and has an unusual 2 1/2 " blade. Over 1 1/2" of the body has been worn away. The unblieveably deep hand and thumb prints will be clear from the photos.

Patination is superb.
The wedge is a replacement. Much of the blade has been worn away and has been shapened convexly, so matching the plane marks often seen on the backs/bases of dressers and drawers. The screw placed in the handle I believe to be hand cut as it has a 'drunken' thread. The initials "J.T." have been stamped in five places on the body of the plane and I include a photo of one of them. If it can be proved that one of Chippendale's workers had initials J.T., (Jack Thomas; Jan Teblinski; etc) then I would certainly be happy as regards provenance.

Well, perhaps something might come of this. I am simply interested in history.
Robert Street.




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