Once again, the Annual TATHS Conference was a memorable and enjoyable weekend for all the members who were able to attend.

The venue was the splendid Black Country Living Museum, which has so much to see - including a coal mine, lime kilns, live steam, trams, canal boats, and many buildings and workshops from the time when the Midlands were the source of so many useful articles.

The reconstructed tool shop atttracted plenty of attention from members disappointed to find that nothing was for sale - but they were pleased to find that they could take away the products of the Chip Shop and the Bottle and Glass pub without restriction!

Another highlight was the canal trip through the Dudley Tunnel, where two of our fitter members were able to show their skill at legging - propelling the boat by lying on a board and walking along the side of the tunnel.

All the talks were well-received, and members are now better informed than ever about leatherwork, window making and the immense variety and interest to be found in nails - which used to be made by hand in small workshops like the one preserved at the museum.

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Many people will have heard of Ron Geesin through his music. He has had a long and varied career as a performer and composer - some of his best-known work was music for the films The Body and Sunday Bloody Sunday. He also co-composed Pink Floyd’s first ‘gold’ album Atom Heart Mother. More recently he has been a research fellow at the University of Portsmouth, working on the relationship between light and sound.

What is possibly less well known is that having been a member of TATHS for many years, he is also a dedicated collector of adjustable spanners.

This website is currently a shadow of its former self... but we are working on it as fast as we can, so please bear with us.

There will doubtless be a frustrating number of broken links and missing items for some time to come, as we are having to re-create the site from local backups and copies.

However, over the next few months, pretty well everything that was here before will reappear, including some fascinating downloads,  as will some new items, so check back frequently.

The Members' Section is not yet available but will be back soon. Thank you for your patience.

TATHS member Peter Young has finished his book about the famous York planemaker John Green and it is now available to buy.

We are pleased to announce that we now have a new volunteer editor for the newsletter, Richard Smith.

Richard will be pleased to receive articles and correspondence for the newsletter. These can be sent to him by email at news@taths.org.uk or by post to him at his business:

Richard Smith
Studio 7 Music Repairs
6 Leonard Lane
Bristol    BS1 1EA.

Please contact Richard immediately if you have material that you would like to appear in the Autumn issue.

Brian Read will still be handling "whatsits" and can be reached on queries@taths.org.uk.

One of the most welcome bits of good news from the 2015 AGM was the unanimous approval by the members that our new president is Jane Rees.

Many TATHS members will know her by reputation and by her many informative publications on tools and their history, especially the standard work on measurement tools "The Rule Book." Many will have her forthcoming fourth edition of "British Planemakers" on their Christmas wish lists. But we can all be sure of her unstinting work in supporting and advancing the Society to the best of her considerable abilities.

Created: 12 May 2015