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The Hawley Tool Collection

Memorandum of Understanding between TATHS and the Hawley Collection

The Hawley Collection, with which TATHS enjoys a special relationship, is an internationally important material record of tool making, cutlery manufacture and silver-smithing from Sheffield, together with complementary material from Britain and the rest of the world.

Although TATHS and the Hawley are independent of one another, we recognise that we share many common interests.  To that end, representatives of the two committees met at the Hawley on 29 November 2015 to explore ways of working together.  One of the things that was agreed was a “Memorandum of Understanding”. This is a simple document aimed at clarifying just what the relationship is intended to be (and, perhaps more importantly, what it is not intended to be).

TATHS and KHCT welcome this move to cement an even closer working relationship.

Download text of the MoU

Hugh Thompson
Link Trustee