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Some interesting tools from Abergavenny

Bob Evans is helping Abergavenny Museum to identify some of their tools and the exercise has thrown up a number of interesting items that he cannot identify.  Can anyone help?

The first unknown tool has a bulbous end and looks as though it was heated in use; the handle has scorch marks on it. The shape of the head is odd with a flat right side and a rectangular depression in the top. I wondered about something for leatherworking? 

20220920 150625 600x800

20220920 150633 600x800


The second tool looks like a gone wrong set of pliers. I have no idea what it might be.

Cutting implement Or double headed adjustable spanner 800x533

The third tool looks like a hammer, but it is not. The blade on one side of the head is sharp and the other is blunted with a square face about 1/8" wide. 

  20220920 152106 600x800

20220920 152059 600x800  

 All suggestions gratefully received!

 Bob Evans