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A Curious and Illogical Badger.....


A 16 inch Badger plane by Greenslade, well-balanced and finished, with an angled blade and a fence on the right hand side. But it doesn't add up.......... 


The fence looks original, of similar wood to the plane and has brass fittings for the screws. But it is on the same side as the blade, so it would interfere with cutting a rebate. This looks odd.

It would make more sense to have the fence on the sole and indeed there are four holes there which match the screws.


However, when we relocated the fence we found that even when retracted as far as possible, it still overlapped the blade.


I suspect the plane's owner tried this arrangement and found it impractical.  Moreover, the whole arrangement looks too clumsy to be a manufactured product.


Which brings us back to the question. Why would Greenslade manufacture a badger plane with a fence on the "wrong" side?