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John Rogers Planes

One of our members has been in touch recently about some planes acquired at  the David Stanley Auction held on January 14, 2021.

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The description reads, "Three 10" unnamed moulders and two others by JOHN ROGERS..." When  the planes we examined it turns out that three were made by John Rogers and the two others, although stylistically indistinguishable, were stamped on the toe with the initials E F.

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Edward Flanhan does not appear in BPM IV except under the section on Masters and Apprentices wherein John Rogers took as apprentice Edward  Flanhan in 1744. David Stanley has confirmed that the lot sold as it was when it came in. Unlike the two stamped E F, the three Rogers all have different owners marks. 

we have consulted Jane Rees who agrees that all the planes look remarkably similar. However, Jane points out that the 1740s would be very late for a maker to only use their initials as by then the use of “proper” name stamps was well established. An interesting historical anachronism perhaps? Please let us have your views.

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