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Dutch planes with John Green Irons

Maarten Sjouw would like to find out more about two planes and a drawknife which have irons marked "Iohn Green".  The front handles are of a shape similar to a plane from 1769.

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Jane Rees has pointed out that there are two John Greens who were planemakers - one in York and one in London – with the two Sheffield edge-tool makers and cutlers named Green.

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John Green, whose mark is on the plane iron, first registered it in 1740. He held various offices in the Cutlers Company until 1776. After his death the business was carried on by his widow Hannah and her sons. Son James died in 1793 and they ceased trading shortly after this date.

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The other edge-tool maker was Jane Green & Sons, who was working from before 1781 until the 1840s. The mark they used was just GREEN.

The dates work well with the style of the front handle from what Maarten says. The planes are not of English manufacture and were not therefore made by either of the Greens who were planemakers. They may be Dutch.

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Can anyone help us to be more specific?