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MN 05.02 Deox gel

A commercial rust treatment


Describes experience with this commercial rust treatment product.


Full instructions are on the tub.

Deox is a wallpaper paste-like substance made by Bilt Hamber Laboratories that comes in 1kg tubs. Start by removing loose rust with wire brush (use brass-bristle brush if delicate item). Deox is then applied by brush or roller in a thick layer and left for 30 mins/one hour. It's important not to let it dry out; cling-film can be used to prevent drying. Agitate surface with stiff paint brush to work in the Deox.

Wash off with water, and repeat if necessary. I took four applications to de-rust a badly rusted infill plane. Finally dry and apply protective coating (or it will rust quickly).

The treatment leaves the surface looking very clean/pickled, almost new looking; but tones down with time. It has the advantage of being able to be selectively applied to the steel part of a multi-substance item.

Deox is also available as a powder, to be dissolved in water, for dipping an item. I have no experience of this but it may be a less messy option than the paste.

The following pictures show treated and untreated areas on an old plane.

deox gel test 01

deox gel test 02

deox gel test 03

deox gel test 04


Ref No: MN 05.02
Date: 29-07-2013
Author: Hugh Thompson 
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