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Another Tool Chest with an interesting front panel


Richard Cooper offers an interesting addition to the Warrington Chest story:

The Warrington Chest book is a fascinating read with some interesting stories of the maker and owners. Many people have told me their father/ grandfather/ uncle was a joiner or cabinet maker but when I enquire about the tools in every case they have disappeared or have a rusty saw or a couple of chisels left.

DSCF8342 800x600
The photos are of a tool chest I made a few years ago. The main reason I made it was to use the front panel with the name of my great grandfather's iron foundry. The piece was most likely to have been the sign outside the foundry around the 1890s.

DSCF8347 800x600

By 1900 the foundry was known as F S Cooper so the sign must have been removed. It appears that it was then used by someone, maybe the pattern maker, to use as the back part of a wall storage cupboard. My father had this attached to the garage wall which I only found ten years ago when my mother moved out of the house and I took the cupboard down.

F S Cooper foundry photo 800x596

My father did woodworking as a hobby so must have kept some of the foundries' pattern makers tools when it closed down in the 1970s.

DSCF8345 800x600

I have the set of hollows and rounds shown in photo 3 and 4.

DSCF8343 800x600

DSCF8344 800x600

There is also some turning chisels and gauges marked Crankshaw but no chest or other tools!

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