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The Warrington Chest


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The Warrington Chest

This amazing chest was made by a Sheffield pattern maker, Ernest Warrington, when he was just 18 years old.

The book traces Ernest’s family history, explains the trade of pattern making and its context in Sheffield, and tells the story of how the chest passed down the family.

The chest still contains a good proportion of the kit of tools used by its pattern maker owners and these tools are discussed and their makers identified.

The chest itself is considered and drawings of the chest are included in the book. The marquetry is examined in detail and the techniques used are explained. The book is copiously illustrated with more than 100 colour illustrations, plus black and white illustrations, maps and drawings.

The book was written by a group of TATHS members, all of whom brought their own specialist knowledge to the publication. It is available through the TATHS website or by contacting the Secretary by email at secretary@taths.org.uk or by writing to 17 Bawburgh Lane, Old Costessy, Norwich, NR5 0TR.

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