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Yarns from the Ropeworks

The latest TATHS publication for members is now on sale.



This is a fascinating and often amusing account of the production of rope and yarns by the firm of D.F.Ellwood and Son. 62 pages describing the fibres used, the processes in rope making and a history of the firm by David Ellwood.



This is a treasure trove of first hand accounts of ropemaking with a fascinating sprinkling of memories and anecdotes, coupled with tehcnical detail. 



A must for all TATHS enthusiasts! 



Prices including postage are: 


Europe (inc Eire)...£7.50
Rest of World...£10.00
{ppShopItem 25AC /Yarns (UK) / 4.50}
{ppShopItem 25AC /Yarns(Eur) / 7.50}
{ppShopItem 25AC /Yarns (RoW) / 10.00}


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