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A collection on CD of scans of historic tool catalogues not easily available elsewhere, mostly from members' own libraries.

An essential reference for the collector or student of tool history, this disk includes:

Chesterman No 102 (not dated) 124 pages
Stanley Tools 134-E (not dated) 231 pages
George Adams (c1912) 387 pages
Nettlefold and Sons (1911) tools section only 50 pages
Hardware Trade Journal Key List (1950s) 228 pages
Governor / Trojan / EC Atkins (not dated) 124 pages
John Davis Mining, Surveying, Engineering and Mathematical Instruments (1898) 52 pages
John Davis Optical, Mathematical & Philosophical Instruments (1860) 10 pages
Isaac Greaves Gambia (not dated) 18 pages
Simonds Guide for Carpenters (1914) 64 pages
Thomas Smith Spanners Issue G (1930s) 20 pages
Thomas Smith Spanners Issue K (1930s) 20 pages
Pike Manufacturing Co No 14 (1926) 80 pages
Pike Manufacturing Co How to Sharpen (1922) 48 pages
William Ridgway Woodboring Tools Issue B36 (1938) 40 pages
Jas. Williamson & Son Varnishes (not dated) 17 pages

All scans are in pdf format, suitable to print for your own use, or read on your PC, tablet or phone.

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