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A scan to DVD of a rare reference book listing all the trade marks registered with the Sheffield Cutlers Company in 1919.

The original book lists and illustrates hundreds of marks used on edge tools and cutlery, cross referenced to the companies that owned them.

An essential reference for the collector or student of tool history, this disk includes everything from the book (except for the text of the Acts of Parliament concerning trade mark law) ie:

Adverts - 90 pages of adverts from the original publication;
Background and Introduction - listing Freemen of the Cutlers Company and the classes of goods covered;
Descriptions of Illustrations - very useful when only a partial mark is found;
Illustrations of Marks - straight scans from pages 295 to 393 of the original book;
Proprietors of Trade Marks - scans of pages 181 to 293 of the original, showing which companies owned which marks.

All files are in pdf format, suitable to print for your own use, or read on your PC, tablet or phone.

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