Stuart Carey is making an inventory of the Farm Building at Hornsea Museum.

He has  three objects which are unidentified and on which he would welcome our help. They are shown in the following photos:

 IMG 1196

IMG 1217

IMG 1253


Any suggestions gratefully received. 


#1 Tony Waldis 2017-02-09 20:11
I think the first item may be a sweat scraper used to clean horses or cattle.

The last item may be a form of balling iron used to assist in getting solid pills into the back of a horses or cows mouth.
#2 Edward 2017-09-16 13:36
The photo of the second item is not very clear. However if it shows the top of a cylinder of wood that is carved into a shape a bit like a yo-yo or a funnel with a base it may be a component from a seed drill.

I agree that the third item is a balling iron.

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