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The Richard Filmer Archive

The first batch

So far about 500 photographs are ready for the website and have been arranged into categories of trades or subjects. These include: carts, carving, coaches, coopering, food preparation, rakemaking, shavehorses, smithing, stone and clay working, textiles, tinsmithing, turning and wheelwrighting. There is also a miscellaneous section that contains mainly portraits and landscapes. 

Further pictures will become available over time.


The late Richard Filmer was a TATHS Vice President and a keen photographer of crafts and hand tool trades.  During his travels around the world, Richard amassed a collection of around 6000 photographs. Unfortunately Richard kept the details of the slides entirely in his head and there is no actual indexing of the photographs. On his death, Richard left the slides to his friend Steven Salter who has kindly agreed to convert the slides to useable photographs and make them available on the TATHS website for research purposes only. Steven owns the copyright and any use of the pictures must include a reference to Steven as copyright owner and to TATHS. 

Bending tinplate over the edge of the bench
Shavehorse in use - this one didn't come from B & Q

Some examples

Who needs a timber merchant with a little imagination

A happy tinsmith and family