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 This  "coat-hanger like" balance and the iron pointed tool are from the collection of Ted Wells.


They have come to light during the clearing of his possessions and are now with Nick White.   I cannot find any record that Ted has ever put anything in the newsletter about them and would welcome suggestions as to their purpose.  


#1 Bob Evans 2016-09-03 16:36
Experiments at Westonbirt Treefest suggest that this may have been a device to weigh sacks with the balance being held two handed using the bar at the bottom of the picture. The balance scale would then be upside down but this would make it easier to read from the point of view of the holder. The bottom bar is smoother than the top which tends to support this idea.
#2 AndyT 2016-09-04 10:32
Thinking more about the upside down arrangement, maybe it was to hold a sack open while it was being filled. If the upper bar was hooked over a couple of nails, the user could push material (what?) off a bench into the sack until the required weight was reached.
That would justify the complication of it - otherwise you could just use the spring balance on its own.

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