The photos show a handsaw recently acquired by Tony Waldis.

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P1150893 1024x768

The London pattern handle has suffered from having replacement screws fitted and the saw is probably second quality but the ‘makers name’ stamped on the plate was what really intrigued Tony.  Was there really a saw maker with such an appropriate name as I.Cutwell or is this a trade mark for one of the large Sheffield firms?

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#1 Ron Geesin 2018-08-25 11:51
Checking UK Census records 1841-1911, there is no such surname as Cutwell. The nearest is Cattell/Cuttell. So I suggest this 'I.Cutwell' falls into the English prediliction for amusing tool titles like Vite-Grip, Ryton and Slik; 'I.Cutwell' possibly given to relatively cheap import. Ron Geesin.

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