Christine Baker would appreciate some help to identify these tools, dated 1918. 

image1 1024x979 

Kevin da Silva thinks they are a saw wrest for a military chainsaw

image2 1024x898


#1 AndyT 2018-02-25 11:53
I agree with Kevin de Silva.
Here's some evidence - an eBay listing of a WW1 hand chain saw, complete with a wrest like Christine's, though without a handle.

If that link is dead by the time you view this, just do an image search for WW1 chain saw - they are not rare and are popular with militaria collectors.
#2 Nick White 2019-01-30 17:23
I have a similar one with my WW2 Disston chain saw, again without a handle. it is carried in the canvas bag with the saw and two screw in handles. there would not appear to be room for a handled version in the case.

Nick White

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