Ted Cole is looking for information on this SAM COX plane that's in his  collection. He thinks it is an early plane maker from  Bristol.

2SAM COX nTed believes it to be a rare and early London make but has no further information on it. 

2sam cox 1024x768


sam cox1 1024x768

Not a mark I know  so I shall be interested to hear what colleagues make of it. 



#1 Ted Cole 2017-05-31 21:23
I made a mistake when saying SAM COX of London. .. I meant to say SAM COX of Bristol. .. Sorry about that.
#2 John Caraffi 2017-06-14 19:43
Hello Ted
I thought I'd seen a very similar stamp before, tried BPM and on page 219 there it is in that distinctive squashed circle border.Sadly no other info though.
Regards John
#3 Ted Cole 2017-06-14 22:21
Hi, John,
It seems that Samuel was apprenticed to William Codgell planemaker of London in 1741 before moving back to Bristol and setting up his own business as a planemaker. .. Died in 1777.
Many thanks for your reply, my friend.
My regards,

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