Two mystery items acquired by Nick White  in a brocante in the Dordogne in June.


Item 1 is made of iron and is 14" long, with one end pointed and the other hooked.  Ther body is hollowed out into a spoon shape. There is a a Maltese Cross centred on the middle, which is visible in the photo.  

Item 2 is a wooden cone 9 1/2 " long and just over 2" wide.  Nick says that the nearest idea he has for it is a bird call but he cannot make any sound from it.  The two iron pins near the top clearly held something, maybe a flap or strap. There are one or two worm holes (now treated).


#1 Edward 2017-09-16 14:09
I believe that the second item is a sheath or holder for a whetstone, used for sharpening a scythe. It would have been attached to the belt of the mower, enabling him to sharpen the scythe at regular intervals, and keep the whetstone wet. The three holes would have been used to attach a leather thong or strap, which would have been used to hang the whetstone holder from his belt. Such stone holders were normally made from wood or horn, but latterly some were made of metal.
#2 R BURGESS 2019-10-19 09:36
Item 2: Known in France as a 'coffin de faucheur' - missing it's metal belt clip - these were less common in the UK than in Europe...
Item 1 has similarities with a luthier's soundf post setting tool..

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