An amusing piece of satirical writing which Brian Read discovered in The Illustrated Carpenter & Builder for 1891. It explains many things about my present house!

 Mike Hendrickson is well known to many of us for his stimulating series of books on the art of making wooden wheels.  Mike has very kindly donated two of his recent books to the TATHS library: Wooden Hub Wheels” and ” Wood Bending".

Many people will have heard of Ron Geesin through his music. He has had a long and varied career as a performer and composer - some of his best-known work was music for the films The Body and Sunday Bloody Sunday. He also co-composed Pink Floyd’s first ‘gold’ album Atom Heart Mother. More recently he has been a research fellow at the University of Portsmouth, working on the relationship between light and sound.

What is possibly less well known is that having been a member of TATHS for many years, he is also a dedicated collector of adjustable spanners.

TATHS member Peter Young has finished his book about the famous York planemaker John Green and it is now available to buy.

I see that there are vacancies on the committee. As a relatively new volunteer, I thought I'd add a few comments based on my own experience.

  • Volunteering is rewarding. I've enjoyed updating my web skills, with what I hope is a useful outcome.
  • The rest of the committee are a helpful and friendly bunch.
  • TATHS is not some big institution like NATO or the BBC - it's a bunch of ordinary people, united by a shared fascination for old tools - collecting them, learning about them and talking about them. If you like doing those things, you could help make TATHS even more fun.

Andy Tuckwell


Created: 22 December 2014


Although not published by TATHS we are sure that all members will want to know more about this long-anticipated work.