So far I have received 106 GDPR forms so many thanks to all of you who have sent them in. The response has kept me busy noting them up but there does seem to be a slight shortfall as membership numbers are somewhere above 450.  Are there really 350 of you who don’t want to be included on the list of members or receive any more Newsletters?

If you want a good reason to return the GDPR form I can do no better than repeat a letter sent in with his form by a member in London.

“I enclose a duly circled copy of my ‘permission to include’. I was surprised to find that there were others apart from the list on the back of the Newsletter! In my 5 years of membership I have not come across another member; data is well protected! My next door neighbour might be a member!

This protection could present a problem to my heirs (I am 95) as to how to dispose of my collection of TATHS publications, drawing office equipment and several cwt of tools!”

Unfortunately his next door neighbours are not members but I have a feeling the above member would love to hear from any other nearby members. He lives in London E4 but has no email. Contact me if you would like to make his day by introducing yourself but in any event please send that form in.

Tony Waldis

Hon Secretary