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amberley hall 1The Tools and Trades History Society is an educational charity, whose aim is to further the knowledge and understanding of hand tools and the trades in which they were used.


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As a free gift to members and indeed to anyone who logs on to our website, we are pleased to publish online a delightful little catalogue from 1921: Watts' "Clasps and Toe Plates  - Cloggers and Shoemakers Tools and Accessories"

Go and have a look, even if this is not your area of interest  (You can find it under Reading/Downloads).  How many other websites offer you a choice of Pigs Feet (See page 10)? 

TATHS is very proud of the collection of tool catalogues which its members have built up over many years.  We have issued two CDs of scanned catalogues to members and you can still buy these in the online shop. In addition, we are making additional catalogues available  to members. Just log into the members part of the site and go to Historic Catalogues on the drop down menu. We will be publishing more catalogues shortly and we are working with fellow website owners to produce a comprehensive index to online tool catalogues.